Kentucky’s Long-Term Plan for Agricultural Development

Barn Sunset

Long-term Plan Cover The Commonwealth has been blessed with both the political will and the financial means to redesign its rural economy. The preservation of our rural nature can be a valuable asset in preserving the social fabric on which rural health depends.

This comprehensive plan seeks to adhere to three principles of sustainable development:

  • Adding value to local agricultural products, exploiting market niches for pure and wholesome foods and promoting the rural landscape of Kentucky as an asset.
  • Retaining the present scale and individual ownership of Kentucky agriculture by preserving working farms on Commonwealth farmland maintains our rural towns and communities.
  • Minimizing the burdens on natural resources and rewarding good land stewards with a decent living will enhance the Kentucky environment.

There are three distinct rural ecosystems in Kentucky – Eastern, Central and Western. Although the borders of these districts are not clearly defined, they are recognized by the residents. The Commonwealth’s long-term plan for agriculture reflects these regional differences and strives to provide solutions tailored to the local environment.  To access the full Long-Term Plan click here.